Exploring BBQ Trends of 2024

Looking for new, cool, and innovative ways to use your Lone Star Grillz grill? Grillmasters have brought plenty of cool new ideas to the table this year.

Be the first one in your neighborhood to try any of tasty trendy sensations.

Plant-Based BBQ

Here in Texas we have many carnivores, and many of us love a great steak, burger, or brisket. Yet many people also know that eating a little less meat is better for your wallet and for the planet.

Why not try something different? Replace burgers with portobello mushrooms, or try these grilled BBQ watermelon skewers. You don't have to give up meat entirely to enjoy some bold new tastes that might just become family favorites. 

International Flavors

2024 is the year to expand your horizons, adopting bold new flavor profiles from around the world. Try Puerto Rican churrasco, Japanese yakitori, or Jamaican jerk, just to name a few options. 

Often, taking this taste journey is a matter of choosing the right spices and marinades, as well as choosing the right meats. For example, if you stuff pork belly with lemongrass, garlic, black peppercorns, star anise, and salt, then you'll get to enjoy an unforgettable Filipino lechon belly

Smoking the Meat

We've been on top of one big 2024 BBQ trend long before it was cool. Home, customizable smoking is on the rise, and you can join the trend with one of our custom-built smokers.

Plus, experiment with different woods to enjoy new flavor profiles. Many grillmasters are reaching for woods like pecan and alder, which offer distinct new flavors to the meat. 

BBQ Sides

When you make a dish like smoked macaroni and cheese, smoked pulled pork stuffed mushrooms, or smoked sweet potatoes, the sides can be the meal. 

Of course, you can still serve them up with the smoked or grilled meat of your choice to really wow your backyard guests this summer.

The Final Word

What's the final word for 2024? Experimentation. Thinking outside the box. Trying new things and adopting new flavors, seeing what's out there. This is the year to explore.

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