Custom Grills

Lone Star Grillz Custom Grills

Lone Star Grillz builds the very best custom Grills available by hand one at a time in Willis TEXAS.  We have several styles to chose from in addition to all sizes and all prices that will surely fit every budget.  Our Adjustable Charcoal Grills are second to none and we have them in both cart models and built in models for your outdoor kitchen.  This grill is also a perfect addition to our trailer pits and is offered there a as standard add-on.  Then there are Santa Maria Grills available in four sizes that are a real conversation piece when cooking on for family, friends, or customers.  There isn't a more interactive experience then cooking over live fire with real wood and charcoal all while having ultimate control by being able to effortlessly raise and lower your food to the desired heat.  Our Santa maria grills can be used for whole hog, whole lamb, and whole goat in addition to just about anything else you can imagine for that true "Low & Slow" style cooking or that "hot and fast' by dropping the grate right down on the coals.    We also offer 2 standard size pipe grills made with the same quality and attention to detail that our custom offset pipe smokers are made with.  Then there are our Burner/Fryer stations that is nothing like anything else on the market.  Its versatility in being able to go from boiling crawfish and shrimp to frying a turkey, then finish off with a Chinese or Mongolian stir fry makes this the last propane burner you will ever buy.  We have dozens of upgrade options available from custom colors, personalized emblems, and custom accessories that will make your next Lone Star Grillz Custom Grill the perfect fit for you.  Don't see what your looking for no problem with our expertise and fully tooled fabrication shop we can build what ever it is you want for that truly custom "one off" smoker that no one else has.  Please look through our product line and if you have any questions, ideas, or need help in any way please dont hesitate to reach out to us.