From Flame to Flavor: The Differences Between BBQ Techniques

From Flame to Flavor: The Differences Between BBQ Techniques | Lone Star Grillz
Smoking, grilling, rotisserie…there are several techniques you can use to enjoy tasty BBQ. Sometimes, you can even combine methods to get different results. For example, some people slow-smoke meat and then grill it to produce a distinct BBQ flavor.

Understanding these techniques will help you explore new culinary vistas and give you the chance to enjoy incredible new taste sensations. They may also help you choose the Lone Star Grillz custom grill that's right for you.


Grilling is the technique of cooking food quickly over high heat, usually over an open flame. Grilling is the technique that most beginners are familiar with.

Grilling creates a sear on the exterior of the food, giving it a smoky flavor, and the signature grill marks that everyone loves. This technique is best for thinner cuts of food. It's great for getting everyone fed quickly but doesn't necessarily allow you to reach the full flavor potential of the meat.


Smoking involves putting meat into a hot chamber where it will be surrounded by smoke and heat generated by wood chips or pellets. The wood cooks for three to eight hours, depending on how big the meat is, the type of wood, and the type of smoker. You may place a large cut of meat into a smoker and get a fantastic result. 

Smoking gives your meat a rich, smoky flavor, and the resulting meat becomes tender and juicy.  

Smoked meat also lasts longer. When properly wrapped and frozen, it can last up to 3 months.


Rotisserie is the art of cooking food on a rotating spit over an open flame. This technique ensures the meat cooks evenly. It's a common method for chicken.

Rotisserie-cooked meat is tender and juicy but has a crispy exterior. The rotation allows the juices to baste the meat continuously. 

Find the Right Grill For You

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