Give Your Ribs Some Radiance With These Pro Grilling Tips

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There are four styles of barbecue in the United States: Kansas City, Memphis, Carolina, and Texas. But regardless of your preferred barbecue style, one thing is for sure -- quality and cooking technique can truly make or break any meal. Fortunately, the experts are here to provide some top-notch advice to take your next rack of ribs from tasty to fall-off-the-bone delicious. With that in mind, try these tips next time you're in the mood for a scrumptious rack of sweet and savory ribs.

Buy the Right Ribs

First, it should come as no surprise that choosing the right ribs can make a world of difference in overall quality, regardless of cooking method. Baby back ribs are one great option, since they're full of marbling, they're tender, and easy to cook. But whichever type of ribs you choose, look for plumpness -- but not to the point where it will affect the cooking process. And be sure to avoid buying 'shiners,' which are ribs with so much excess meat taken off that you can see the shine of the bones.

Remove the Membrane

This is a tip that most people know, but if you're rushing the cooking process, it may be overlooked. Make sure to remove the membrane, which is much tougher than the meat underneath it. If not removed, the membrane can reduce overall taste because it absorbs most of the smoke and spice flavors. Experts suggest starting with a middle rib when removing the membrane.

Sauce Strategically

Barbecue sauce should be applied in thin layers throughout the last 30 minutes of cooking ribs to ensure a substantial coating. But for an even richer flavor boost, consider applying a 'mop' sauce during cooking. Unlike a traditional barbecue sauce, mop sauces are thin and more savory. They typically include ingredients such as coffee, broth, beer, cider, and melted butter, as opposed to sweeteners like sugar and honey.

Ultimately, keeping these tips in mind as you fire up one of our many custom smoker grills and cook your smoked meats can make for a flavor combination and meal experience you won't soon forget. For more information about custom smoker grills and other offset smokers for sale, contact Lonestar Grillz.