Grilling Gear Spotlight: The Many Benefits of BBQ Trailers

bbq trailer

For true meat lovers, few arts are more pure than the art of grilling. And, as any grill master knows, a true chef is only as good as her equipment. Grilling enthusiasts all over the world depend on a wide array of grills, smokers, and other equipment to produce the most perfect and delicious meals.

While different chefs have different preferences when it comes to vault smokers and pit smokers, grillers can agree that most smokers have one major downside: you can't bring them with you wherever you go without a hassle. At least, you can't without a BBQ trailer.

What is a BBQ Trailer?

A BBQ trailer is essentially a smoker or grill-on-wheels. Major cooking components are secured to a frame, then mounted on an axle. This cart features a trailer hookup, making the whole outdoor grilling setup transportable. Simply hook the trailer to a pickup or other large vehicle, and you're free to take your grilling expertise on the road.


Are different BBQ Trailer Styles Available?

Absolutely! Grilling equipment companies produce trailers with a variety of adaptable features to meet different customer needs. Hookups can be as simple as a smoker-on-wheels, or come with multiple grilling and smoking pieces. Since about 83% of consumers own three or more grilling accessories, trailer producers would be remiss to not include custom options for an individualized grilling experience. Some basic upgrades might include an additional vertical slow smoker or a fire box. Other add-on features could include:

    • Warming box

    • Spare tire

    • Rear burner

    • Additional grill surfaces

    • Custom paint and metal art

    • Fireproof grilling mats

    • Charcoal grates and charcoal baskets

    • Accessories like utensil hooks and grill door counterweights

What Are the Benefits of BBQ Trailers?

With a trailer setup, you can take your favorite recipes anywhere you go! BBQ trailers are perfect for avid competitors who spend their weekends attending smoking or grilling competitions. BBQ trailers are also perfect for small grilling businesses who like to bring their talent to customers at tailgate parties, food festivals, and other special events.

Where can I Buy a BBQ Trailer?

If you're looking to buy your very first BBQ trailer, contact Lone Star Grillz today! We have a great lineup of trailer pits that can be attached to nearly any sturdy family vehicle or pickup. For more information about ordering a BBQ trailer or other grilling equipment, give us a call or visit our website at