How to Grill Better, Tastier BBQ

Now that you've got your hands on your custom grill from Lone Star Grillz, it's time to eat some of the tastiest BBQed meals you've ever tasted. 

These tips will help you get started. 

#1) Tenderize

Pounding your meat with a meat mallet breaks up the tough muscle fibers and connective tissues that can make meat less pleasant to eat. 

Tenderizing your meat also helps your marinade soak into every bite so that you get that flavorful, juicy taste experience that makes BBQ so glorious. 

#2) Marinate

Marinating infuses your meat with flavor, and there are so many options. Every marinade includes an oil, an acid, and a shot of flavor. 

Any oil will work. Acids could be wine, vinegar, beer, lemon juice, lime juice, or any acidic fruit like pineapple.

You can add herbs, spices, onions, garlic, or sauces to ramp up the flavor. Experiment to find the marinades you like best. Find recipes online and learn about all the different flavor profiles you can create. 

You can, of course, also purchase pre-made marinades from your local grocery store or marinate your meat in BBQ sauce if you prefer.  

#3) Be Mindful of Your Charcoal

Different types of charcoal will impart different flavors to your meat. 

Hardwood charcoal offers a smoky aroma. If you want to make sure your charcoal doesn't add any additional flavor to your food, you can try coconut shells. 

Different charcoals also cook at different speeds. Hardwood charcoal burns hot and fast, for example, whereas briquettes burn a lot slower and more consistently. 

#4) Preheat 

Everyone knows about pre-heating the oven. But did you know you should preheat your grill, too? 

Yet pre-heating ensures your grill is good and hot and your meat cooks consistently. 

Think about it…putting your meat on a grill that's warming up will give it an inconsistent cook, whereas placing your meat on a sizzling hot grill that's ready to go will give you a consistent temperature to work with. 

#5) Let it Rest

We know. You've been smelling that meat grilling all this time. You're hungry, and your mouth is watering.

But your meat will taste even better if you let it rest for a moment. Letting it rest will help you retain the moisture in your meat rather than watching all that lovely flavor splash out the moment you cut into it.

Just give it two or three minutes, then serve. The taste will be well worth the wait. 

Enjoy Your BBQ

Try pork, fish, chicken, and beef—you'll love all the different dishes you can create when you really start to experiment and learn what your grill can do.

We look forward to seeing what you create!