Inspiring Ideas For The Perfect Fall BBQ Party

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Autumn evokes wonderful feelings of cozy bonfires, apple cider, and hearty food. With all of these inspirations, there is no better time to throw a party. About seven in 10 adults in the United States own a grill or smoker, so break out your offset smokers, tell your guests to layer their fall flannels, and get to party planning.


Harvest Party

When America's biggest industry was farming, the autumn was centered around the harvest. Regions across the U.S. still have reason to celebrate the bounty this time of year, so throw a harvest party for your friends, family, and neighbors. Make delicious barbecued or smoked meats on the best offset smokers, and provide plenty of seasonal refreshments like apple cider and fall beers. Hold activities for the kids like bobbing for apples and making cider donuts to keep them entertained all day. Be sure to decorate with plenty of autumnal accents and make table centerpieces out of a gradient of apples.


Football Party

There is nothing that represents an American autumn like a football party. Support your favorite team by inviting everyone over for an all day, at-home tailgating party. Decorate your house and outdoor space with team colors and logos, and have face paint handy to get the kids in the spirit. This is also the perfect opportunity to break out those custom smoker grills and show off your low and slow grilling method. Whether your team wins or loses, end the day with themed cupcakes and a cold beer.


Outdoor Movie Party

If you have a large outdoor space, this is the perfect event to throw for friends and family. Rent a large projection screen or create a makeshift one of your own with clean white sheets, and set it up in your yard. Gather chairs, sofas, blankets, and pillows for the viewing area, and tell everyone to bring their own cozy layers. To keep warm, you can start a bonfire and toast marshmallows. For snacks, use offset smokers to create tasty treats. Serve the kids hot apple cider or hot chocolate, and make the adults a seasonal cocktail with prosecco, plum, and thyme.

With a little bit of imagination and a barbecue-driven willpower, you can turn any ordinary fall weekend into an autumn party that everyone will remember.