The 5 Steps Of Using A Smoker Grill

pipe grillsSmoking meats is an entirely different process from typical Fourth Of July grilling. Smoker grills come in many different varieties, including pipe grills, offset smokers, and pit smokers, but they all have the same basic steps. Follow these steps to low and slow grilling and you will have perfectly smoked meats.

  1. Use Two Temperature Probes

    You want your grill to have a stable temperature of 225 degrees Fahrenheit. Use two digital air probes to accurately track fluctuations in temperature as you adjust the airflow, add fuel, and the coals burn down. These temperature monitors are just the start of the grilling accessories you will need. About 83% of consumers own three or more accessories, allowing them to customize their grilling experience.

  2. Fire Up The Grill

    When it's time to cook your meat, first light a full load of charcoal in the chimney starter. Once the charcoal starts to ash over after about 15 minutes, open the chimney and intake baffles to let in oxygen. Put coals in the firebox and wait for the smoker to reach your desired temperature.

  3. Add Meat And Maintain Temperature

    Once the smoker is at the right temperature, add the meat and close the smoker door. Whether you're using pipe grills or offset smokers, small pork shoulder roasts are a great meat to start off smoking. As you get more experienced, try briskets and ribs. To keep the meat cooking at a steady temperature, close the intake baffle to about halfway or more. This controls the flow of oxygen to the coals, but keep the chimney baffle fully open for now. Replenish the coals as needed through the chimney starter.

  4. Add Wood Chunks And Moisture

    Wood chunks add flavor to smoked meats as they smolder slowly and consistently. You will need just one or two wood chunks per cooking cycle to get the desired flavor. The best woods for smoking are hardwoods, fruitwoods, and nutwoods. By adding moisture to the smoke, your meat will be able to absorb the smoky flavor. Put a metal rack over the coals in the firebox and place a water pan on the grate to humidify smoke in the grilling chamber. In later stages of cooking, lightly spritz the meat with water or apple juice if it appears dry.

  5. Allow For Plenty Of Smoking Time

    Slow smoking can take several hours to get the meat flavorful, tender, and moist. Be aware that midway through the cooking the internal temperature of meat tends to plateau. With time, the meat will get past the stall and continue cooking.

Now that you know the steps, you can get to smoking the perfect meat. Fire up professional pipe grills or offset grills and barbecue like the big leagues.